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Product introduction of the Japan Art Gallery

In Japan Art Gallery, it will introduce traditional Japanese crafts.
Kyoto and which is also a symbol of Japan to the historical and cultural as well, including the Kanazawa, a famous tourist destination of the Noto Peninsula, to collect introduce the excellent work that was extremely essence of the technique from Japan.


  • 01Nishijinori


    Nishijin Ori is a silk fabric produced in the northwestern part of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Nishijin is the name of the northwestern Kyoto area (Kamigyo Ward and Kita Ward). The fabric was named Nishijin Ori when the Onin War (1467-1477) occurred in Kyoto in the Muromachi period.

  • 02Yuzenzome


    *Kyo-Yuzen*, a technique of painting dye directly onto cloth, was invented in the middle of the Edo era, towards the end of the 17th century. It has since become the ultimate art of kimono dyeing, famous for its use of distinctive and vivid colors seen nowhere else in the world.

  • 03Imono


    The famous Yamagata casting in Japan has a history of 950 years. It is famous for large castings such as bell bells and lanterns and the place of production of tea ceremony hall used in tea ceremony.

  • 04Uchihamono


    The technique of the cutting blade which inherited the tradition of the sword masterpiece is very high.Horticulture pruning shears,scissors,scissors scissors, sickle and hoe are made as old-fashioned handmade items./p>

  • 05Nurimono


    A lacquer ware in which a tray, a plate, a confectionery, a tea ceremony and the like are made has a history of 1000 years and is beautiful with elegance.

  • 06Touki


    Hirashimizuyaki which has a history which continued from the Heian period.It is popular for its simple texture.